Frequently Asked Shutter Company Questions – Answered By ITS The Blind Spot

ITS The Blind Spot strives to be the leading shutter company in Reno, which includes not only delivering high-quality service and products but also providing our clientele with the information they need to be in the know about what we do. When it comes to installing window treatments, painting consultations, wallpaper design, and more, many property owners have questions for us about our products and processes. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our most popular questions and answered them here.

Does Your Window Treatment Service Include Measurements and Installation?2023-05-05T08:02:18-07:00

As Reno’s top-rated shutter company, we offer professional window treatment services that include complimentary consultations, measurements and installations. We provide you with personalize top quality customer service, and our goal is to find the best window treatment options for your home or business.

Do You Work With Commercial Properties?2023-02-24T21:23:52-08:00

Yes, we do! We know just how important window treatments, design, wallpaper and more are for commercial spaces as well as residential ones. Whether you’re looking to change the color of your office waiting room or you want to add brand new blinds to your cafe, In The Studio is the team you can call for superior customer service and products you’ll love.

Should I Pick Shutters, Blinds, or Shades For My Property?2023-05-05T08:35:51-07:00

Which window treatment you should pick for your property depends on a multitude of factors, the most important one likely being what you want most from your window treatments. Do you value style over functionality or the other way around? Is light control a dealbreaker for you or is it something you can compromise? Here At I.T.S The Blind Spot, we can help you answer all of those questions and more. We’re window treatment experts and we love guiding our customers towards finding what works perfectly for their needs on their property. Visit our showroom¬† Monday – Friday 11 a.m – 2 p.m or by appointment for an in person look at full size window treatments to pick the best option for your design

What Types of Painting Consultations Do You Offer?2023-05-05T08:44:08-07:00

The painting consultations we offer encompass both exterior and interior services for homes and businesses alike. We know how tough it can be to choose the perfect color palette for your bedroom, office, or even business entryway. I.T.S The Blind Spot wants to be your trusted source of painting expertise and advice that will get you exactly what you want from your next painting service featuring Sherwyn Williams and Dunn Edwards.

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