How To Care For Your Wood Blinds

As a Reno homeowner, making the decision to opt for wood blinds is a wise one. Nothing goes as well with just about any room’s style and decor as the stunning and rich look of natural wood. It’s important to keep in mind that once you make the choice to go with real wood, you are also going to have to invest a little more time into care and maintenance. For anyone who won’t settle for less than best, it is worth the added cost and maintenance to maintain this option for a window treatment.

Most of the time, you can take shortcuts to keep your blinds looking their best. This is ideal for getting rid of dust, especially in households where any of the members have asthma, allergies, or other breathing conditions. Other methods are more intensive and help to restore the beauty and prolong the lifespan of the wood blinds. Make it a point to alternate so that you can protect the integrity of the products without having to carry out an intensive clean every single time.

Protecting Your Investment

Your home is your biggest investment, so every detail you add to enhance it is valuable. However, this is only true if you make it a point to keep up with them. Adding window treatments that increase the value of your home is a great idea, but failing to take care of them can actually end up decreasing the value of your home in the long run. Our shutter company wants you to get the most out of your wood blinds and your home, so we have expanded on some of the best ways to clean and care for your wood blinds.

Make it a point to dust your blinds on a regular basis. This is best done with a soft, gentle cloth. You may even want to lay out a drop cloth to collect the dust so it doesn’t gather on the floor or end up getting into your air ducts. Use a feather, wool, or microfiber duster across each slat. This will help to collect dust and dirt as opposed to just redistributing it. Don’t forget to clean both sides so that your blinds look their best. For a quick fix, you can use a gentle cleaning attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Be sure to use extra care or you could end up pulling a slat off track or off the window covering completely.

While there are plenty of other options for cleaning your wood blinds, such as using a dab of wood cleaner, these will get you started. To find out more about how to best take care of your wood blinds, work with the true industry experts here at Reno’s premier shutter company, In The Studio. We can help you get the best window treatments in place as well as help you understand how to care for them so they will last for as long as you stay in your home.